Vintage Hearse

The Field Funeral Home in Masontown is pleased to announce a new addition to their staff, Winston.

Winston was made in 1949 by Cadillac Motor Division in Detroit, MI as a series 86 model. A series 86 was a rare commercial chassis with an extended length. The car was shipped with the front sheet metal and drive train only. Custom builders then fabricated them into limousines, ambulances, police trucks, and of course hearses. There were several of these companies, but Winston was manufactured by Superior Coach Corporation of Lima, OH.

In 1925 Superior introduced a line of hearse and ambulance bodies. These professional cars, built on the Studebaker chassis, were contemporary in appearance and constructed to high quality standards. Later in the early '30s, after Studebaker had merged with Pierce-Arrow, Superior began producing a line of hearses on the Pierce Arrow chassis.

By 1936, the company expanded its product offerings to include hearse models on a Pontiac chassis. The first Superior Cadillac coaches were produced in 1938. Now Superior Coaches, they still produce hearses in a state -of -the -art manufacturing facility in Lima, OH.

It is believed that Winston was first put into funeral service in 1950 at a funeral home in southwestern, Pennsylvania. In 1961 with only 8000 miles on the odometer he ended up on a used car lot in Greensburg, PA.

At that time he was purchased by Donald Zappone of Greensburg. Mr. Zappone and his friends had a local band called the “Rockin  Reverbs” and they used the hearse to haul their band equipment and of course to get attention. Don took his soon to be wife on their first date in this car.

Several years and 7000 miles later Winston was retired to the occasional trip around block. Mr. Zappone carefully stored the car along with his fathers antique car collection in their family owned auto and wrecker service in Greensburg.

In 2012, with a mere 15,000 miles, Winston was purchased by Jerry Field of Field Funeral Home in Masontown, WV. He then underwent a minor restoration. After 64 years Winston once again was called to active duty in funeral service. He is now used as a hearse upon request by families who wish to make their loved ones service special. He nobly provides transportation, whether its to the cemetery or to the crematory.

The Field Funeral Home staff lovely cares for Winston and often places him in parades and car shows. They enjoy sharing his history and story with the public.

If you would like more information on Winston, or to find out how to reserve his use for funeral services, please contact Field Funeral Home at 304-864-5295 or visit us at

Vintage Family Car

1949. Minimum wage was raised from 40 cents to 70 cents a hour, the average new house cost $7450.00, a first class stamp was 3 cents and the one millionth Cadillac was produced.

One of which was Clementine. Our 1949 Cadillac series 6249 family / lead car.We purchased this car as a companion to Winston so our families can also ride in a vintage car.

Clementine has an interesting story too. Although we can't verify everything, we were told she was originally a California car and was purchased by a high end car collector in Nevada in the 1960's.

It was to be used as a parts car for another  high dollar restoration project. Although the only parts taken off the car was the interior dome light and the air cleaner.

It then remained in a climate controlled storage building until it was sold and moved to a warehouse in Pennsylvania around 2005.

It remained there until a few years ago when the warehouse was sold.

It was then bought by a gentleman in Ohio and he stored it in his garage until we purchased the car in 2014.

65 years and 46,000 miles later, she is still wearing her original chrome and interior. The factory green paint was covered by several coats of shiny black to match Winston.